Worried about your Anodes?

CQBHA has been in discussions with Frank Gelder about some berth holders who were concerned that their anodes may be overdue for a change.  This of course represents a challenge as, with the lockdown, people are not able to work on their boats.  However, Frank has figured out how to achieve this if you are worried – but you can’t do anything yourself!!

So, there will be some boats still in the water that will require the ‘anodes’ changing in the very near future and that due to the lock down this isn’t possible.  Frank has said that if any berth holder has concerns about this, then they can indeed contact any one of the CQ tenants (that are still working) and authorise them to go and check the owners anodes.

There are conditions though that apply to this, namely :

  • If the boat is inspected (on its berth) by one of the tenants (Mike Wills , Keith Hooper, Marine Options etc.) then the berth holder must not be present as they should be following Govt. guidelines about travelling
  • If you wish to use an external engineer they must visit by prior arrangement with the marina and must pay the lift out fee before the boat will be lifted
  • If the engineer determines that the anodes require changing then the office must be contacted to arrange this
  • When the boat is taken out of the water, this will only be for replacing anodes and nothing else (We have been informed that there wont be any other parts available anyway)
  • The boat will then be relaunched and placed back on its berth
  • This work can only be authorised where anodes are found to be in need of changing

The reason this can be allowed is as a preventative measure of which I am well aware of, all of the above will be paid for by the owner as normal.

Hopefully this is a positive move that CQBHA have been able to achieve on your behalf thanks to cooperation from Frank and MDL and should allay any concerns you have over your anodes.