Cruising with the Association

The Cruising section of the C.Q.B.H.A was formed to assist association members to cruise in company with the object of encouraging less experienced boat owners to expand their cruising horizons. This Cruising experience is offered to both new and seasoned members who wish to cruise in company for experience, safety, security and comradeship.

Many friendships have been created after meeting on the cruises and this has enabled many groups to continue to go further a field.

Due to the current climate of legislation we now require each owner who wishes to participate to sign an indemnity form.  Even though we cruise together each skipper / crew must take the responsibility for the making of passage plans and plotting courses, much of this information is contained within the cruising notes that are sent to the participating crews prior to departure.

This may seem a little daunting for those new to boating and as of yet not taken some of the recognised training courses available through the RYA. The whole experience from the association’s standpoint is to advise, assist and enhance the cruisers knowledge from a practical experience, knowing that there are others on hand to assist and advise if the need arises. The association’s goal remains to assist you to become an experienced and competent boat user whilst being at Cobbs Quay.

In the past we ourselves have both benefited from the associations continued commitment to help others extend their cruising horizons, with the confidence that marina berths had been pre booked and other like minded people would be there to assist and pass on their experiences to us. We have a variety of cruises to offer our members again this year, but would welcome any further suggestions.

You can contact us by enquiry form here or directly via email by clicking here

Thank you for your continued support.

Cruising Secretary