Weather & Tide

There are a myriad of different weather sites – some providing more relevant marine forecasts.

We have provided links on the following pages to those we have found more useful in the UK and those providing forecasts for the Channel Islands and French coastline. Also included are links to some tidal prediction facilities. Please contact us if there are other sites that you find particularly useful and we will consider them for inclusion.

When viewing any information of this type the reader is advised to check the times quoted to ensure the correct relation between UT, BST, CET and French Standard Time are fully understood and accounted for in any tidal calculation. Hopefully then you can avoid arriving at St Vaast two hours before the gate has opened!

French forecasts can be a challenge when the page does not have an English language option, but most of the pages, or individual words, can be translated dynamically by using the Google translate function. Access this by clicking on the logo below.
Enter the text or French website address to be translated, select the from/to language and click translate!

CQBHA accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in any of the sites listed, nor for any consequences which may relate to the use of such information. It is the responsibility of each skipper to ensure that conditions are suitable for craft and crew before leaving port.

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UK weather sites [click here]
French weather sites [click here]