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CQBHA Members Photography Galleries

You can now see cruise photos on the CQBHA Facebook page you can see any of the latest ones HERE

We now feel that this is more reactive and more in keeping with today’s modern way of sharing information and we hope you will find it interesting.
Galleries will still be put up hear when photos are available but you will now have a more instant way of seeing them.
The easy way to view or share your photos from a recent trip with the Cobb’s Quay Berth Holders Association, your own cruise or just a day out on the boat.
To see this years photos or photos of yesteryear simply click on the year below to select a photo gallery for the date of the trip.
If you have any photo’s you would like to share with us from any trips please email them to me at
CQBHA Web-photos and I will add them to the relevant pages.

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