Cobbs Quay Historical Archives

Over the years a lot has happened at Cobbs Quay Marina since the Berth Holders Association was first set up and the committee thought it would be nice if we showed some of this off at our 25th Anniversary Party that was held in June 2016 on the lawns outside the Cobbs Yacht Club.

Carol Turner, our Cobbs Quay Berth Holders Association (CQBHA) secretary, with help from the committee and others, took up the challenge of putting together a potted history of the association’s past life at the marina. It was so well accepted that the committee agreed that it should be put up on our website for posterity and for all the berth holders to enjoy whenever they wanted to look at it.

The history archive includes social activities, fun days at the marina, various newsletters and many documents from the berth holders association history. This is a great read and a trip down memory lane for quite a few of you, I suspect!!

Please Click Here to see the History of the CQBHA and its members.