Chairman’s Address

Jonathan Chairman’s Update Summer 2020

Crikey.  Normally I begin the Summer update with a weather report but for months now society has been floored by Covid-19.  Most upsettingly it has led to many, many deaths.  It has also meant that people haven’t been able to get to their boats let alone get out on them.

It is only a short time now since the lockdown has been lifted sufficiently to let some element of normality return but it is taking time for the ‘new normal’ to settle.

In this update :- MDL response to Covid-19, Poole Bridges, Cruising and Facebook Forum, Facebook, Newsletter and Web Site.

MDL response to the crisis

We have seen MDL offer the ‘Back to Boating Bonus’ and we have had a chance to both influence that and clarify questions you have been asking.  Indeed I had a conversation recently with Mike Glanville of MDL I am happy to report the outcome of that below.

Cobbs Quay Marina Update

The ‘Back to Boating Bonus’

  • The Boating Bonus is for annual Freedom berthing and Dry stack berthing customers only.
  • Any customer who did not make a selection prior to the 31st May, and would like to, should contact us by email on as soon as possible, all credits will be raised after the 30th
  • For customers on other products (not Freedom berthing or Dry stack)  who did not have a boat or jet ski in the marina for the six weeks of government lock down could have (during April and May) suspended their agreement until the boat could arrive. Any customer who did not do that and paid throughout the period but did not have a boat or Jet ski in the marina should contact either the marina, or Tim Mayer.
  • Slipway customers with annual passes that started on 1st April but were not usable until the 13th May can review if a product switch is appropriate to them. For example if they have an annual pass and would like to switch that to a monthly pass starting on the first date of use. Please be aware that annual agreements with  MDL are the most economical way to use our services, customers may find that it is more expensive for them to use services on a monthly or pay as you go basis than committing to an full year.
  • Boating bonus does not apply to 8 month agreements.

Returning to the ‘new normal’

As we all know we are far from things being back to how they were, if we ever get there, but Mike and I talked about the challenges the MDL teams had experienced getting the marinas back into operation.

As the restrictions were lifted MDL had nearly 2,000 boats to return to the marinas and the yards had not operated for about 8 weeks. Even with a full complement of staff, who returned over a phased period so that MDL could undertake refresher training,  it could take up to the same time period (8 weeks) to return these boats to the water. The MDL teams have been working longer hours as they have the daylight and the managers have also been supporting the teams out on the ground as Frank has. Here is a link to MDL’s Q and A that MDL have kept up to date which may be useful for the berth holders.

Significant restrictions and controls remain in place and we all have obligations to follow the government guidelines. Staff sickness and shielding is a potentially changing situation for MDL in part owing to the governments Test and Trace scheme and any impact that may have.

Mike was keen to point out that MDL will as always continue to provide the very best service that they can based on circumstances as they arise and asked that I pass on his thanks to berth holders for their support for Frank and the team at Cobbs Quay.

Poole Bridges

We are lobbying as hard as we are able to have a return to hourly lifts – at least through July and August.  Also to get the IALA light and height markers fixed.


Along with PHC cancelling the Poole Boat Show we had to cancel many of the planned CQBHA cruises.  As I write this we hope that we may yet be able to retain the Weymouth booking for those who might want to go.

Facebook Members Forum,Facebook, Newsletter& Web Site

Remember our members only Facebook forum – ‘Cobbs Quay Bertholders Association Forum’. People have been using this for discussions and we hope this will extend to asking for advice, looking for crew, telling people where you are going and inviting people to come with you and so much more.  Please join if you haven’t already.

Our Facebook page is also quite active.  We have around 280 likes now!  People are also commenting on and liking some of our posts which is great for us!!

We use Facebook for things that need ‘instant’ contact such as bridge closures as well as the social interest ‘stuff’ so I hope it will be useful to you.

We also have the web site as a resource for marine services and other information (make sure you mention the web site when you visit them) and a monthly newsletter.

Go to the web site for the latest updates, events, LNTMs that are very relevant, weather and trip planning and much, much more – take a look.

Are we doing what you want?

Finally your committee is keen to be sure we are doing what you want so we need your feedback.  Could I ask that you let us know if we are doing a good job, a bad job or if you want us to do something differently.

Stay alert,  safe and well on the water and wherever you are.

I wish you safe passage.

Jonathan Saunders