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Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting

The CQBHA Annual General Meeting will be held in the Cobbs Bar & Restaurant starting at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday, 19th March 2022.

Committee Members present:- Jonathan Saunders – Chairman, Kevin Butler – Vice Chairman, Carol Turner – Secretary

Peter Hayton – Webmaster, Jim Reynolds – Members Representative, Emma Butler – Promotion & PR

Apologies from Committee members:- Val Grant – Membership Secretary, Gavin May – Treasurer, Clive Snow – No portfolio

Other Apologies:- Michelle & Jim Fuller, Stewart (Sapphire Yachting)


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the guest speakers from the Cobbs Quay management team and outlining the format of the meeting. To accommodate prior commitments, the meeting opened with a Q&A session with the guest speakers. This was followed by the AGM formal business, during which Paul Glatzel from Powerboat Training UK explained the training events available to members.

Q&A session with Dan Lewis (Cobbs Quay Manager) & Kelly Trewern (Cobbs Quay Assistant Manager)

Kevin Butler raised a number of the topics below on behalf of absent members.

Car Parking: Dan acknowledged that better car parking measures were required to control access especially during busy times, to improve security and control dumping of waste by non-berth holders. ANPR had been under consideration, while a barrier solution could create problems for the Cobbs Bar & Restaurant.  Due to current refurbishment projects (the Facilities Block and MDL Office), the next capital expenditure would be in August for car parking – and details would be announced in due course. In the meantime Dan welcomed feedback from berth holders and tenants using the email

Marina Occupancy: Dan explained that the marina was full with only trot moorings currently available. This meant some boats were in wrong length berths and some ex-customers could not be accommodated. A waiting list had been created.

Pontoon Access: It was reported that security cards were still operational 4 years after the berth holder had left the marina. Dan assured members that from April, access would be tailored to the berth holder / visitor and dry stack customers would only have access to the Facilities Block but not to the pontoons.

Abuse of Disabled Parking Spaces: While MDL staff could not clamp vehicles without a disabled permit, they would try a ‘name & shame’ approach and put a warning notice on the vehicle. Persistent offenders would be contacted, although it was unlikely to result in a cancelled contract.  Other suggestions included boxing in the vehicle with concrete blocks, using ‘permanent’ notices on windscreens (which might result in damage to property claims) and protecting bays with lockable drop-down posts.

Lift in / out delays / cancellations: Berth holders complained that 2 days’ notice of lift out cancellation was insufficient – especially for ‘out of area’ owners. Owners trying to coordinate contractors to do work on their boats might incur penalties as a result. Some felt that the gradual discount reduction and now withdrawal of the summer lift-out offer had compounded the winter lift-out problems. Dan responded lift-outs were often dependent on prompt lift-ins and that 58% of lift-in dates were cancelled by the owners. He acknowledged there had been problems last winter – some due to staff inexperience and rushed plans made in September 21 – and was confident it would improve for the coming winter. He felt the re-instatement of a summer lift out offer would be beneficial (although it did reduce car parking availability) – and he would raise it at the March MDL Senior Management meeting.

Fuel prices: Dan guaranteed that Freedom Berthers were paying ‘at cost’ prices for fuel – around 30ppl cheaper than Otium members, who received points instead. The ‘at cost’ price included delivery, VAT and dispensing charges and the price was reviewed weekly. Cobbs Quay purchased fuel in 5000 litres amounts and had weekly deliveries during the summer. One member knew of alternative suppliers with cheaper wholesale prices and would pass on details to Dan.

Harbour Dues: Dan confirmed that Harbour Dues would be available through the office with a 10% discount.

Bridge Issues: Twin Sails bridge was still missing a grease pin and ram. While it can operate using just one ram there was a risk that it could fail again. Members were concerned that the hourly lifts might be lost. Dan is now on the Bridges Operating Board and would be lobbying hard for their continuation. There would be 4 lifting schedules in operation during 2022 – Maintenance, Christmas, Summer and Winter (in which the early and late lifts were removed).

WiFi: This should improve this year and be adequate for ‘light use’ i.e. suited to a leisure marina rather than a residential setting.

Water pressure: Investigations so far had confirmed there were no stones in the pipes. Members stated that pressure was low even out of season and in quiet periods.

Slipway barrier misuse: This would be tackled as part of the parking solution.

Communications: Dan reminded members that any issues should be reported using the email, for which SLAs (Service Level Agreements) had been created ensuring prompt acknowledgement and a response within reasonable time scales. It also ensured there was a record of reported issues.

New facilities: The MDL office refurbishment would include a new area with tea/coffee facilities.

Staffing: As of April 1st, there would be 4 new members of staff. Dan reassured members he would be in post for the foreseeable future and aspired to progress to regional management within MDL. Dan confirmed that he does weekly pontoon walks.

Pontoon security from the sea: CCTV had been upgraded recently and Dan invited members to visit the office to see the camera coverage. Footage is retained for 30 days from the multiple cameras. It was suggested that CCTV warning signs should be erected as a further deterrent. Two full pontoon walks were made at night and another 2??? during the day.

Wash problems / Jetskis: A member reported jetskis doing ‘donuts’ in the trots. Dan advised that jetski contracts included a ‘no wash’ clause. Any incidents should be reported to the office and the owner would receive a warning. At the second violation the contract could be cancelled as there were currently 40 on the waiting list.

Members also reported general wash problems in spite of warning signs. Hire boats were a particular problem and Dan promised to speak to the operator Gareth. He would also feature the wash / speeding problem in the CQBHA Newsletter.

Electricity and other invoices: Dan acknowledged there had been problems with invoicing recently due to staff leaving and replacement staff needing more time to learn the job. Dan requested that any issues should be reported for him to investigate.

Dan and Kelly concluded the Q&A session at 10:55am and after a short comfort break the meeting resumed with Jonathan presenting the Chairman’s Report:-

Chairman’s Report:-

What we have been doing in 2021/22


  • Still the core of what we do and we saw an increase in cruise bookings in 2021
  • Lost one cruise to Covid and one to the weather but went to Ocean Village, Shepard’s Wharf, Portland and Weymouth
  • Thanks to Peter Hayton again for stepping in to help out


  • Not able to run any due to the pandemic

Training Opportunities

  • Shore-based courses and practical events with Powerboat Training UK planned but cancelled by Covid
  • Members need to support these this year – or say if something different is wanted


  • Increased by 35 this year.  1006 on the database – 945 last year


  • Association Facebook Forum – Please join & use
  • Facebook – Are you ‘liking’ us?
  • Monthly member news email moved to Mailchimp – Are you receiving us?
  • Website – Some changes and regular updates – Make sure you visit it
  • But photos …….. Can we get photos? – No


  • Bridges seem to have settled down – and we are back to hourly lifts
  • Limited activity / contact with Bridges Operating Board. (Dan is now on the BOB)


  • A small net cash flow of £763.40 – due to cruise bookings and new members

E Comms

  • Web Site Statistics :-
    • Around 705 pages visited a week (c3k p.m. and 40k p.a.)
    • Top pages – Home Page, CQBHA Calendar (cruises), Weather, Cruise Programme, Passage Planning, Poole Fishing
    • Good range of advertisers – please mention us when you use them
  • Facebook posts reach 450 people on average and we have over 500 followers
  • New Facebook Forum has 167 members (up from 109)
  • There is also a new CQBHA Marina Trips page for attendees only


  • Need some more people to join us!!
  • Especially need a treasurer – please be bold and volunteer!

CQBHA Goals and Objectives


Bring people together to have a better experience cruising from Cobbs Quay and Davis’


Enabling members to ‘Go Further‘

Key Strategies

  • Promote Safety and Skills
  • Develop members’ experience of cruising
  • Continue to enhance communication with members
  • Continue to be seen by MDL and others as a valuable partner

The key objectives of the Association are :-

  • Positively influence the functionality of the bridges
  • Enhance the involvement of Dry Stack and smaller / day boat users
  • Develop quality relationships with the MDL team
  • Contribute to the use and experience at the Cobbs Bar and Restaurant
  • Drive up membership numbers by 20 during the year
  • Contribute to 2 social and training activities for the benefit of members
  • Enhance the role and impact of pontoon representatives
  • Have a positive impact on the use of the Backwater Channel and the Harbour
  • Continue to develop communication with members
  • Liaise with MDL to give value add to members enhancing our joint working
  • Use finances prudently to the benefit of all members
  • Continue to develop a relationship with Davis’ Boatyard – office and members

Plans for this year


  • Different approach this year
  • We booked the marinas and will provide guidance notes
  • MS Teams meeting on Monday before the cruise
  • Suggested meeting on the night before the cruise
  • Early bookings encouraging
  • Course at PBTUK designed to support cruise attendees

2022 Cruise programme

Lymington Yacht Haven – 15th – 18th April·

Port Hamble – 30th April – 2nd May

Haslar – 2nd – 5th June

Island Harbour – 1st – 3rd July

Portland – 29th – 31st July

Weymouth – 27th – 29th August

Exmouth Marina – 29th August – 4th September


  • Powerboat Training UK (PBTUK) are again supporting us
  • A range of shore-based and practical events for a small RNLI donation
  • Booking in PBTUK office. Please get involved!
  • Paul Glatzel (PBTUK) gave a brief talk on training sessions available this season
    • Lifejackets, flares & basic skills – 9th April & 7th May
    • Planning a passage and chart plotters – 9th April & 7th May
    • Using a defibrillator & CPR – 30th April & 7th May

He also gave a few safety tips

  • Have a correctly sized bung next to any seacock in case of failure
  • Buddy boating – ideally go out with another boat for the first trip of the season
  • Always wear a kill cord around the thigh not the wrist
  • Check condition of lifejackets


  • Kevin Butler is planning together with the MDL team
  • Boat jumble, crabbing competition, evening harbour cruise
  • Ideas? g. visits RNLI or some social events – incl. a marina party?
  • Kevin Butler gave a brief talk on events planned so far for this season
    • Family Day – 30th April
      • Crabbing competition
      • Coffee stall
      • Boat jumble – pitches must be booked in advance via the CQBHA website
      • MDL stands – Lifejackets, Coastguards, Marine Police
      • Flare disposal t.b.c.
    • Summer Event
      • Boat trip shelved because no boats available…..
      • Ideas wanted – send to KB via Facebook Forum
      • Music Concert?
      • CQBHA Newsletter will promote
    • Multi-agency (emergency services) exercise at Marina – 3rd April


Twin Sails Bridge / Poole Bridge / Basin

  • Will be working with the Dan as the Leisure Rep on the BOB
  • Missing ram may be unresolvable
  • CQBHA and MDL will continue to lobby for continuation of hourly lifts
  • Winter lift schedule has removed first and last lifts of the day
  • Poole Bridge annual maintenance scheduled 3rd-10th April


  • Facebook Forum and Facebook Page, Newsletter, Website

Studland Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) / No Anchoring Zone (NAZ)

  • Jonathan & Kevin were representing CQBHA in discussions with RYA over the Studland NAZ
  • The RYA had two representatives on the working party with other bodies including National Trust, Boatfolk and Marine Management Organisation (MMO) tasked with planning the provision and management of moorings.
  • Currently only 10 moorings in place


  • Committee members have done a great job for CQBHA during 2021/22
  • Any ideas for events to engage all berth holders as well as CQBHA members?
  • Cruising is still at the heart of the Association – same for 2022
  • We do need more help on the committee – especially a treasurer!
  • And we have burgees (£15 instead of £17.50) and mugs (4 for £10 normally £15 each) for sale!!
  • CQBHA – “Enabling members to go further”

 Treasurer’s Report:-

Jonathan presented the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Gavin May

The financial aim of the Association remains, as before, to remain broadly stable over a year to year cycle.

For 2021, with a little less Covid interference than the previous year, income was a little stronger as cruise bookings were up from the previous lows, and in addition we saw strong new memberships. There is little to note on the expenditure side other than the purchase of the smart new banner opposite the marina office, and a small write down to assets.

Net assets stand at £11,016.32.

Election of Officers

No new nominations had been received and all the current committee members were willing to stand for re-election. The Chairman proposed that the committee be re-elected en bloc in their current roles. This was seconded by Ivor Moorhouse and accepted unanimously by those present.

Jonathan concluded the meeting at 11:50 by thanking the committee, speakers and members for attending and thanking Julia and the staff of the Cobbs Bar and Restaurant for hosting the event.

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