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Formal AGM Minutes for the 2023 Annual General Meeting


on SATURDAY 25th MARCH commencing at 10.00am

Committee Members present:-

Apologies from Committee members:-

Jonathan Saunders – Chairman

Clive Snow – No portfolio

Kevin Butler – Vice Chairman

Carol Turner – Secretary

Jim Reynolds – Member Representative

Emma Butler – Promotion & PR

Peter Hayton – Webmaster

Peter Buchan – Treasurer

Val Grant – Membership Secretary (retiring)

Wally Gilder – Membership Secretary (elect)



The Chairman began the meeting by introducing the CQBHA committee members present and explaining the meeting format. The formal AGM business would be dealt with first – during which Paul Glatzel from Powerboat Training UK would explain the training events available to members. This would be followed by a Marina Update and Q&A session with the new Marina Manager – Kelly Trewern and new Assistant Manager – Ellen Lappin.

Chairman’s Report

The meeting began with a vote on acceptance of the 2022 AGM Minutes.

The Chairman’s report had been made available on the CQBHA website (Chairman’s Report) in advance of the meeting, so Jonathan limited his presentation to some of the highlights from 2022. These included successful cruises to Lymington, Island Harbour, Portland and Weymouth as well as a Boat Jumble and Crabbing Competition.

He then gave an update on the Studland VNAZ (Voluntary No Anchor Zone). The MMO had softened their approach in recent meetings and VNAZ compliance would help deter enforcement. Boatfolk had installed 10 eco-buoys so far and more were planned. It was likely that charging for use would be introduced eventually.

The 2023 Cruise Programme included Lymington, Island Harbour, Ocean Village, Portland, Mercury and Weymouth. There were still spaces on all the cruises except Mercury for which there was a wait list.

Jonathan appealed for more committee members – in particular to help with planning events and explained that committee meetings were now held online using MS Teams.

Jonathan encouraged members to use the Feedback email to raise issues with the Cobbs Quay Management team. This has agreed SLAs – 24 hours to acknowledge receipt and 5 days for a response. CQBHA would include the email address in every Newsletter to encourage use.

Training – Paul Glatzel – PowerBoat Training UK

Paul outlined the free training courses available to members on 29th April and 27th May:

  • ‘Chartplotters and Navigation Apps’ – particularly relevant as paper charts were becoming obsolete
  • ‘Lifejackets and Flares’

The RYA would be offering Sea Safety checks at the MDL Family Day on 15th April.

Paul also reminded members that the Jetski rules were changing in April – both in and outside of the harbour – and rule breakers would be subject to prosecution and heavy fines.

Paul hoped to offer members the opportunity for a tour of Poole Lifeboat Station later in the season and would be contributing an article on ‘Start of Season Checks’ in the next CQBHA Newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report had made available on the CQBHA website in advance of the meeting (Treasurers Report) . Steve Pritchard proposed and Clive Jay seconded the motion that the accounts be accepted and the members voted unanimously in favour.

The Chairman asked for ideas on how to spend some of the CQBHA funds to benefit as many berth holders as possible.

Election of Officers

There had been no nominations for committee members. Ivor Moorhouse proposed and Clive Jay seconded the motion that the existing committee be re-elected en bloc (with Wally Gilder replacing Val Grant as Membership Secretary) and the members voted unanimously in favour.

The Official AGM business concluded at 10.25am. After a short break the meeting resumed with the presentation from the MDL Management Team.

Marina Update and Q&A session with Kelly Trewern (Cobb’s Quay Manager) & Ellen Lappin (Cobb’s Quay Assistant Manager)

Questions had been submitted in advance to the Chairman, who divided them into questions of general interest to be covered at the AGM and others requiring a written response to be passed back to the questioner.

Kelly began with some general updates.

Facilities Block. This should be completed by 30th April, including the laundrette, an outside sink and improved ventilation. MDL apologised for the saga of problems with this refurbishment and the inconvenience caused to berth holders. Kelly would check on report of no plugs in sinks in the family rooms.

Re-decking of ‘A’ and ‘C’ pontoons. This was currently in progress.

Slipway pump. Due to environmental concerns, a new system for pressurised wash offs was being installed. Also, more solar panels were being installed on the Saltmarsh building.

MDL Events. Events were being planned and included the Family Day on 15th April and an End of Season Party.

The following questions had been received in advance and submitted to Kelly to enable any issues to be investigated and a considered response provided (in red).


What has gone wrong with the boat lift outs this year?  Boats lifts have been delayed and lifts cancelled at short notice for example.  What action is taken with boats that can’t go in on time?  A return to Summer lift outs may reduce pressure on lifts at other times.

Lots of cancellations and weather

Contingency was exceeded

I will look in to the summer lifts and to reinstating the 1 week block ashore package.

Can you confirm contracts state that emergency lift outs are available 24/7 and is this the case?

This is correct, subject to staff availability and weather

Emergency lift charge, on top of all lifting fees.

Communication from the office still needs to improve, if people know what is happening they don’t need to go on rumours.  This was particularly pertinent with regards to the facilities redevelopment.

I agree with this and I am currently working on this, this was already discussed with Jonathan and is at the top of my to do list.

Training staff

More social media posts e.g. MDL Facebook

More emails

Use Feedback email

MDL to use Feedback email more to communicate where appropriate

Why is it when you report something not working such as pontoon lights to the office it takes so long to be repaired?

I wasn’t aware that this was happening with routine maintenance such as pontoon light changes we do in house and I will ensure that these are replaced in a timely manner.

For maintenance that requires an external contractor, this may take longer.

Harbour Dues.  Will CQ be collecting Harbour Dues and, as usual, passing on the benefit received by CQ for selling (10%?)?

We will be selling HD in the office and if paid for at the marina office in the month of April we will be giving 10% discount, but this is a strict deadline of payment by no later than the 30th of April.

Water pressure on D and A from mid-point – and, arguably, the other pontoons – remains low despite investigation and efforts to address it.  Is any more action planned?

There are no plans at the moment with regards to the water pressure. I have passed this over to our projects team to look in to. I will update in the near future.

Is it expected that yard services will remain ‘in house’ or is it planned that long term they will be outsourced?

There are no plans to outsource the yard services. The services will be remaining in house.


Are camper vans allowed to park in the marina car park or not, and if so are people allowed to stay in them overnight?  What are the ‘rules’.

Camper vans are allowed to park in the car park, however it is not permitted to stay overnight in them and they should not be hooked up to electric.

Within the marina car parks there are a few vehicles that are ‘long stay’, or at least looking like they have been left there for a long time, some deflated tyres, even SORN. Can we ask what is being done about them seeing as there is a severe lack of space within CQ?

We are currently in the process of removing these vehicles, however there is a legal process we have to follow so may take some time.

New barrier.  How do you see this makes the boat yard secure when anybody can come in free for 2 hours?  Also, locals can still come in and dump their rubbish/scrap/garden waste in the bins.

We have allowed 2 hours parking FOC so that outside customers can visit our onsite tenants. We believe that 2 hours is sufficient enough time not to affect their businesses, in which we have a duty of care to do.

There is a CCTV camera set on the main bin area by the slipway, which we can use to identify any non-berth holders using our bins.

The new barrier ensures that all cars have to stop, meaning it is easier to get number plates of cars entering our site.

The barrier also acts as a deterrent for non-berth holders.

Is the parking going to be policed, I don’t mean as an extra job for the Dock Masters/Office staff but by an authorised parking officer?

There are no plans to police the car parking at all times, we plan to have staff available at busy periods

Instructions for use of the machines are not clear. I appreciate this is known but could you confirm what is being done?

We understand that the instructions are not clear. We plan to set out instructions for use of the machines and a video guide on how to transit the main barrier. We plan to email this to all customers and share on socials.

Disabled parking is still being abused.  Are there any plans to enforce this more?  If no are there reasons?

When we are aware that the disabled spaces are being abused we address this at the time if we can identify the owner of the vehicle. If we cannot identify the owner a sign is placed on the car.


There appears a lack of ventilation in the showers allowing mould to form in the corners. Could be caused by lack of door grills

It has been reported that there is a fault on this and we are investigating this now.

The ‘lights on’ duration in the cubicles is not long enough and goes off while people are still in there.

This has been rectified and the lights now remain on longer

When will the laundry facilities be completed?  What else remains to be done and when will this be achieved?

Mid-April, we are awaiting the servicing once completed this will be up and running

There are no facilities for filling buckets with hot water.

We have installed an outside sink, which will be available to use mid-April


Could you please explain the policy, approach and how the fuel price is calculated?

We buy fuel in from a local supplier and endeavour to obtain the best prices, MDL have a contract.  There is a service charge to dispense it.

The fuel cost for each delivery is then blended with the previous price to give us the current prices.

15p is the cost to supply

Additional questions from the floor during the AGM – response in red

Is the main objective of the entrance barrier to raise money?

No – it is to stop people parking who have no right to do so.

If the gates are locked overnight, how will emergency vehicles gain entry?

Notify night watchman

Will permit holders have priority over 2 hour free parkers / paying parkers?

Berth holders get 2 permits

Possible parking conflicts with people attending Cobb’s Bar & Restaurant events e.g. Weddings

The Cobb’s Bar & Restaurant has only held one wedding event which was back in May 2017

Staff turnover is worryingly high

Have lost 3 people in past 4 months – and recruited 3 new dockmasters

Theft from a boat mid-season was reported to the Office but staff seemed uninterested – just got a police crime number. Has CCTV been improved in quality and quantity?

More CCTV cameras will be installed.

All thefts should be reported to the police and the office

Electricity charging policy?

Will now be invoiced monthly. Current unit charge is 42p plus VAT. Will not receive an invoice if charges are less than £30

Electric car charging?

Charging stations need refurbishment but no timescale at the moment

Need dedicated motorbike parking area?

Will investigate

What is the barrier priority – entering or leaving marina?

Priority is given to all vehicles entering the marina

Insufficient car parking spaces during the winter when boats are ashore?

This winter we have monitored the parking spaces and are happy that there was sufficient parking around the marina.

Summer lift out could help with winter lift out problems

The Summer Scrub programme will be in place this summer, details to follow

Could there be more bands for mooring charges?

There are currently bandings in place for berth charges

Jonathan concluded the meeting at 11:30 by thanking the committee, speakers and members for attending and thanking Julia and the staff of the Cobbs Bar and Restaurant for hosting the event.

Chairman: Jonathan Saunders.

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