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on SATURDAY 2nd MARCH commencing at 10.00am

Committee Members present:-

Jonathan Saunders – Chairman, Kevin Butler – Vice Chairman, Carol Turner – Secretary,

Peter Hayton – Webmaster, Peter Buchan – Treasurer,

Jim Reynolds – Member Representative, Emma Butler – Promotion & PR

Apologies from Committee members:-

Wally Gilder – Membership Secretary, Clive Snow – No portfolio


The Chairman began the meeting by introducing the CQBHA committee members present and explaining the meeting format. The formal AGM business would be dealt with first – during which Paul Glatzel from Powerboat Training UK would explain the training events available to members during the 2024 season.

The formal AGM business would be followed by a Marina Update and Q&A session with the Marina Manager – Kelly Trewern and Assistant Manager – Ellen Lappin. The final speaker would be Jim Atkins – the RYA and local boaters’ representative in the Studland Bay Marine Partnership – who would provide an update on the Studland Bay Voluntary No Anchor Zone and answer any questions.

Chairman’s Report

The meeting began with a vote on acceptance of the 2023 AGM Minutes – proposed by Kevin Butler, seconded by Ivor Moorhouse and carried by a majority.

The Chairman’s report had been published in advance of the meeting on the CQBHA website (Chairman’s Report), in a special Newsletter and on the Facebook Forum.  Jonathan therefore limited his presentation to some of the highlights from 2023, including successful cruises to Lymington, Island Harbour, Portland and Weymouth.  The committee had organised a Boat Jumble, a Crabbing Competition and a Shooting Day – but they had not been so well attended this time.

The Association continues to communicate with its members via the website, a monthly email newsletter, Facebook and a members only Facebook Forum.

An ambitious Cruise Programme is planned for 2024 with trips to Beaulieu, Bembridge, Lymington, Yarmouth, Mercury, St Peter Port, Weymouth, Plymouth, Torquay and East Cowes. There were still spaces on all the cruises.

Jonathan appealed for more committee members and explained that the 11 committee meetings per year were now held online using MS Teams.

Jonathan encouraged members to use the Feedback email to raise issues with the Cobbs Quay Management team and to cc him in where appropriate. He also held monthly meetings with the Cobbs Quay Management Team, where he could raise issues on behalf of members.

Questions for the Bridges Operating Board were raised via the Leisure Representative – which until recently had been Kelly.  There is a new leisure representative and we will make a contact.

Training – Paul Glatzel – Powerboat Training UK

Paul outlined the free training courses available to members on 20th April, 4th May and 1st June on:-

  • Lifejackets, Flares & Basic Skills
  • Chart plotters and Radar
  • Using a Defibrillator and CPR

PBTUK now had a simulator that could drive a boat through Poole Harbour, bring in fog conditions and help teach safe navigation using radar and a chart plotter.

Paul was also arranging an evening visit to the RNLI Poole Lifeboat Station on 17th May. On the same weekend, the RNLI would be holding the Poole Lifeboat Festival – with lots of lifeboats on display.

Paul reminded members of the importance of safety equipment and the mandatory requirements for pleasure vessels over 13.7m. He also referenced a recent case where a £20K fine was imposed on a boat owner, who operated his vessel in an unsafe manner, resulting in injuries to his passengers and whose judgement was affected by alcohol consumption.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report had been published in advance of the meeting on the CQBHA website (Treasurers Report), in a special Newsletter and on the Facebook Forum. Overall the Association made a net gain £97.74 in 2023. Kevin Butler proposed the motion to accept the accounts, Ivor Moorhouse seconded and the members voted in favour.

Election of Officers

There had been no nominations for committee members. Jon confirmed that all the committee were currently or had previously been berth holders at Cobb’s Quay. Ian Carter proposed and Paul Roberts seconded the motion that the existing committee be re-elected en bloc and the members voted in favour.

The Official AGM business concluded at 10.30am.

Marina Update and Q&A session with Kelly Trewern – Cobb’s Quay Manager & Ellen Lappin – Cobb’s Quay Assistant Manager

The following questions had been submitted in advance for Kelly who provided answers shown in red.

Would it be possible to have a notice board put up in the entrance hall to the toilet block where berth holders could advertise boating equipment or services?

As per the discussion with Jonathan in our last meeting, we will look at putting a notice board up for CQBHA, either in the facility block or on the side of the marina office and will aim to get this up before the 1st of April.

Could we have a height repeater at the marina?

Yes, I am working with the BCP to try and put their software on the touch screen in the marina office, this will replicate what is displayed at the bridge. 

WiFi! With the proximity to Hamworthy estate, it should be possible to get a leased line with decent uploads and download speed.  Why after all these years has this not been rectified to give berth holders a usable WiFi solution that is meant to be part of our annual berthing package?

This is not something we can agree at site level. I have passed your question on to our IT/senior management team and will hopefully have a response soon.

CCTV. There have been several reports of the CCTV not working when incidents have occurred. Not only should this be a crucial security measure but would it not also be possible to have a camera at the beginning of every pontoon and made accessible as a web cam?   If Haven hotel can do it why can‘t Cobbs? 

Our cameras are up and running. However, on occasion we do have a breakdown and our CCTV contractor is called out immediately to rectify the issue. However, it may not always be possible to repair straight away due to parts delivery. We do have cameras at the beginning of every pontoon but we cannot allow public access to this due to GDPR regulations. We store footage for 30 days and then it is wiped. If an incident is reported later than 30 days we cannot access the deleted footage. There are 31 cameras in total, with 4 that pan.

Access cards. We are a small family with two adults and two children and even we are struggling with the card regime.  Surely a card per family member is not too much to ask for, with a simple wipe and renew schedule for the beginning of every season to stop too many active cards being issued?  

The cards not only give access to the pontoon gates and the facility building, they are also a car parking permit. It is not possible in the software at the moment to set up the cards without the access to the main barrier. We have limited the permits to 2 per annual contract. This has been put in place not only as an added security layer, but to also reduce the number of cars in the car park, making it easier for all annual berth holders to park their cars. We believe this is a fair amount of cards. If we charge an additional fee, this could also mean the possibility of more cars in the car park, which is what we are trying to avoid.

Kelly then answered questions from the floor and provided updates on bridge matters: –

Representation on the Bridges Operating Board (BOB)

Board comprises BCP, Police, PHC, Commercial boating rep and Leisure boating rep. The PHC, BCP and Police do try to work with both myself as the Commercial representative and the leisure representative and always take on board our concerns, however it is not always something they are able to do in their remit.

The new Leisure boating rep has not yet contacted CQBHA. Brian Murphy is now CEO for PHC and has been replaced by Harry Gregory as Harbour Master.

Planned maintenance of bridges

10th to 24th of March for Poole bridge maintenance. Twin Sails should be repaired in the Autumn, but no date given yet.

IALA lights

All fixed on both bridges. Vessels were temporarily stopped from passing through Twin Sails when the leaves were lifting due to a ram problem on one of the leaves. Protocol had now reverted to ‘Proceed with caution’ during lifting.

Poole bridge lifting first and impact on ‘On station’ timings for Twin Sails bridge

Twin Sails opening first in the morning will be reinstated revert once Twin Sails bridge is fixed. Existing ram will be replaced – scheduled for the `Autumn. Still need to be on station at usual time – as most mornings Twin Sails lifts first – since there are no incoming boats.

Refurbishment of holding pontoons in the basin

Attempt was made by BCP to lift the pontoons out but they were unable to do this.  They will be towed to dock and repaired, no date given yet.

Incident management protocol for the bridges

Ongoing with BCP and PHC to produce policies to run along those already in place. Staff training will be given to all relevant BCP and PHC team members.

Kelly also provided the following answers and updates on marina matters: –

Disposal of flares

We can take a limited number of flares in at any one time. At the moment there will be no cost, however this may be reviewed at a later date.

Gas availability

We have had a limited supply of Calor gas delivered and we are hoping to have more delivered prior to the start of the season.

Summer Lift package – will it benefit both Otium & Freedom Berthers this year?

To be confirmed at a later date.

Pump out station

To be confirmed at a later date. Being investigated by Projects Team. Report any waste discharge to the office.

Re-positioning of jet ski berths

The jet ski pods have been repositioned at the end of F pontoon. A new camera has been installed and fixed on the pods.


Ongoing, should be completed by end of May.

Installation of Metamax for electricity supply

Works will start shortly (should have started w/c 4 March, but an issue with supply has caused a slight delay). Requires an app to use.

Electric car charging

All up and working. The Monta app will need to be downloaded in order to use the chargers.

Facilities ventilation

Awaiting report from specialist contractor.

Barrier plans

Work has commenced and subject to weather should be up and running for the start of the season.

MDL Events planned

Mother’s Day, Posies and Pimms, Marina Day to include boat jumble and crabbing competition, Summer Berth Holders Party and lots of trolley of treats. All events will be on our website.

Charter / AirBnB boats and insurance requirements

All berth holders tick box to say they have appropriate insurance. MDL staff cannot vet insurance policies as this is a specialist area. MDL runs its own Host scheme (like AirBnB) – which is subject to lots of checks and rules. All berth holders require good insurance in case of accidents or damage. Report any incidents to the office.

Status of Fork Lifts

2 forklifts in action and obtaining quotes to repair the third one.

Studland Bay Voluntary No Anchor Zone (VNAZ) Update from Jim Atkins – the RYA and local boaters’ representative in the Studland Bay Marine Partnership (SBMP)

Jim reported that the MMO’s attitude had changed since the first confrontational meeting with stakeholders and now was positive and cooperative. Key points made: –

  • The VNAZ excludes a narrow strip along the shore, allowing shallow draft boats and dinghies to beach and anchor at Middle and South Beaches.
  • Further information was available on the website and on Facebook
  • There would be 102 eco-moorings in Studland in 2024. 87 of these will be managed by the SBMP. The others being those for the Bankes Arms and a few that are privately owned. The moorings have a pick-up line and will be marked and colour coded for 5T and 10T vessels. 20T moorings are under consideration for 2025. The SBMP has a licence for up to 100 moorings. Daytime rafting in suitable calm conditions would be allowed. A plan of the mooring locations could be found online.
  • The SBMP had received funding to support the new moorings and to continue research and monitoring. The latest sea grass survey findings would be published in due course.
  • Funds had also been donated by local businesses – including the Pig Hotel and Restaurant, which had raised £10k.
  • During each winter 10 eco-moorings would be left in place, while the rest would be removed for maintenance.
  • The SBMP was being ‘formalised’ for the future – and would probably become a CIC.
  • The SBMP was promoting awareness and engagement through meetings and ‘pop-up’ stands at marine events.
  • The National Trust was currently acting as a banker for any fees and donations received in a ring fenced account and had agreed to underwrite any losses for 2 years.
  • Electronic charts were being updated to show the VNAZ and the area perimeter would be marked with yellow buoys.
  • Use of the moorings would initially cost £10 for any period up to 24hr and would require an app to make payment. The app did not support advance bookings, which had been discussed but rejected.
  • The mooring fees would not cover all the costs, so the SBMP would be seeking sponsorship from businesses, marinas, yacht clubs etc.
  • The current slow speed marker buoys were inside the VNAZ, but BCP/Dorset Council had been asked to relocate them to coincide. Unfortunately, this was unlikely to happen until 2025.
  • The VNAZ would be monitored and ‘policed’ by MMO patrols, with Studland Watersports staff and National Trust volunteers doing educational/’PR’ visits to vessels using anchors. Time-lapse cameras would also be used. If there was insufficient compliance, then then the VNAZ could become a No Anchor Zone with fines.

Jim brought along an eco-mooring to show the members.

Jonathan concluded the meeting at 12:20 by thanking the committee, speakers and members for attending and thanking Julia and the staff of the Cobbs Bar and Restaurant for hosting the event.

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