Marine Policing in the Dorset area

The Marine policing team are made up of a Sgt. and 6 PC’s, based on the Quay in Poole. We have two main vessels Buccaneer and Alarm, as well several small craft for operating in ponds, rivers and reservoirs. This team has a responsibility to cover both land and water based policing as part of the wider Force Support Group (FSG). However, our focus between Apr 1st and the 30th Sept will be maritime, under Operation TEMPEST.

Operation Tempest is the operational name given to delivering water based policing through the summer months. We do maintain capability for 12 months of the year, however following demand, we see this increase significantly during this period.

The team based at Poole Harbour has the responsibility for maintaining the Force’s capability and capacity for its 88 miles of coastline and inshore waterways as well as being a key strategic national asset in UK Maritime and Dive policing.

At a local level, the team aim to maximise coverage by flexibility in their shifts, to cover as many weekends as possible. It is recognised that busy weekends within the county over the summer season, are as busy on the water as they are on land.

See Video Link for a full preview of this boat, Click HERE

There are 3 broad themes of Op TEMPEST

  1. Crime & ASB
  2. Clandestine entry and Modern Slavery Organised Immigration
  3. Events and Reassurance

Project Kracken

Project Kraken is a national Joint Law Enforcement initiative to tackle Maritime boarder crime and to raise public awareness of terrorism and criminal or suspicious activity around our coasts and borders. This includes locations such as:

  1. Marinas
  2. Moorings
  3. Smaller ports, such as Christchurch, West-Bay, Lulworth
  4. Docks, such as Portland, Poole

Common types of coastal crime include:

  1. Theft
  2. Smuggling
  3. Criminal damage

Just to give you a flavour of time spent on the water this year, our total hrs spent at the helm is just over 300hrs. This doesn’t take into account all the time spent conducting investigations before or after slipping.  

We have recovered 2 stolen boats this season, which have been returned to the owners.

The main contact into the force should be via the online portal, 101 or 999 system.