CQBHA Calendar


As ever at the heart of what we do.  We have an exciting series of cruises planned for 2023.  We have set out some brief details below. Marina Trip Bookings will go live in early February (see below for details).

We will keep you updated through our Website, Facebook Member’s Page and the Newsletter and directly if you have made a booking.

All of our Marina Trips and Activities are at the mercy of the weather and this will need to be considered before setting off.

All the Marina Trips are listed on the agenda boards below. Clicking on the relevant trip name (in colour) to open up the poster with full details of the cruise destination and other information.

All the activities (on our Calendar under News) can be opened by clicking on the relevant activity name (in colour) which will open up the poster with full details of the activity location and other information.

The Booking Fee: The CQBHA Marina Trip booking fee for each trip is £15

Mooring fees and other costs are the responsibility of the individual skipper.

CQBHA Booking Form will be Live on 4th February, we look forward to seeing you on the cruises. 

Online Booking Form, Click Here to book

The booking fee is non refundable unless CQBHA cancel the cruise e.g. following cancellation by the marina.