Mastering the Ferry Glide

Mastering the Ferry Glide

Ferry Glide 1 - cropped

This is a very interesting article on the RYA website that all boaters should read. It tells you all about using wind and tide to take the bother out of berthing alongside a quay, berth or another boat. This technique has great advantages when you need to get into a tight berthing spot you would never have tried before learning it.

I’ve used this method quite a few times and it has had quite a few complimentary comments come back as we tie on the lines. It also helps you to feel a lot less stressed when you know this technique. When you have this in your arsenal of boating techniques you will wonder why it was not the first thing you should have learnt!!

There is a favorite thing that I hear a lot, KISS….Keep It Simple Stupid. From my point of view for boat berthing it can also mean Keep It Slow Stupid. So many people hit the throttles and think they need more power if things get out of hand when berthing, instead of throttles back and think. Let the elements be a useful thing instead of thinking they are the enemy.

Read  Mastering the Ferry Glide and feel better about berthing.


Peter Hayton (web master)