Pontoon Representatives

Below are a list of your pontoon reps with their boat names and pontoon numbers (where applicable)

The pontoon reps have all volunteered to help you bring any subject to the CQBHA committee or to help in any other way with problems concerning your cruising or boating pleasure. Please work with them and appreciate they are volunteers.
We hope this is an extra that you will find really helpful. If you have any ideas or constructive help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with them. 
Ian Wateridge has also offered to act as our shoreline base rep in case your pontoon rep is unavailable.

A Pontoon

Diane Allen : Bow Wow : A92






B Pontoon

Neil Smart :  Cinders :  B85





C Pontoon

Ivor Moorhouse : Solaris : C35





D Pontoon

Andy Woodhouse : Bongo : D65






Oliver Miles : Smiles : D7





F Pontoon

Clive Snow : Girl Fisher : F1






Stephen Prichard : Sunrider : F34

stephen Prichard sm





Lynne Bunce : Astramar : F90

Lynne-Bunce sm




Dry Stack

Jim Reynolds : Dream On : F163






Emma Butler  : JS 7






Ian Wateridge : Quay Shop

Ian Wateridge sm